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We are here to propel your business forward in Africa with our expertise.

Our Offerings

We assist in business growth through trade, investment, and consultation.

Business Development

Helping companies establish and grow in African markets.

Trade Facilitation

Supporting commercial and legal aspects of international trade.

Investment Partnership

Open for equity investments to foster mutual growth.

Who We Are

We are a group of experienced business pros who help companies grow in Africa. From advising on trade to boosting sales, we've got you covered. At Swedish African Business Council, we don't just talk, we act to bring you more deals and expand your business. Let's grow together!

Why Partner with Us

Experienced network helping your business grow in Africa through trade and investments.

Extensive Experience

Seasoned professionals with vast knowledge of African business landscape.

Business Growth

Assistance in generating new sales, deals, and business opportunities.

Legal Support

Guidance in navigating the legal aspects of international trade and business.

Equity Investments

Opportunities for equity investments to fuel your business expansion.

Clients' Voices

See what our clients say about our business services.
They helped us close a great deal in Africa!
Impressive support for our business expansion in Africa.
Their advice led us to successful investments in Africa.

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Contact us at Hammarbybacken 27, call +46 8 7715566, or email us at info@swedishafricanbusinesscouncil.se.

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+46 8 7715566


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